Movies of 2019 that Empower Women

Movies of 2019 that Empower Women

The 21st century is dedicated to how awesome women can be. More and more women lead companies, play sports (although not every sport – we’ve yet to see if women will one day participate in World Cups people love to watch and bet on with offers like Coral World Cup 2022 Offers), act in movies, sing… and we’re happy about that! We are seeing more and more movies and TV shows that give female characters more than one dimension and there are not more female leads than ever. This piece is dedicated to three of the best women-empowering films of 2019. Naturally, there are many more, but these three caught our eye. Enjoy!

The Kitchen

The directorial debut of Andrea Berloff gives us a story covered by a comic miniseries. Three women are the wives of Irish mobsters and they are told, for the most part, to keep quiet and stay at home. The movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss. While some fans are used to McCarthy as a chirpy and upbeat character from Gilmore Girls, she has already proven herself with some of the bigger movies that graced us in the previous years. Elisabeth Moss plays a character that suffers domestic abuse, which falls in line perfectly with some of her other roles, most notably the one in The Handmaid’s Tale. The three women are faced with their husbands getting locked up and, in order to survive, they take on the tasks and the territory of the Irish mob. The movie is well worth the watch.

Ask Dr. Ruth

If you are into documentaries about amazing women, you should definitely put this one on your list. This is one of the movies where the audience and the critics see eye-to-eye and agree that it’s awesome. The movie follows the life of Doctor Ruth Westheimer, the sex therapist and Holocaust survivor. The movie won the Best Documentary Feature award at the Calgary Underground Film Festival and was nominated as the Best Documentary at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, as well as the Miami International Film Festival. An amazing story by an amazing woman.

I Am Mother

The Australian SF thriller enchanted the critics and the audience alike. The story follows the robot called Mother and the human nurtured by it, Daughter, in a post-apocalyptic setting where the earth needs to be repopulated, which is Mother’s task. Daughter is taken care of by Mother and not allowed to go to the outside world. As time passes, Daughter begins to find flaws and holes in Mother’s logic. We explore the nature of ethics side-by-side with the main character. This sci-fi story is not so much about women being equal or superior to the other sex, as it is about the intelligence and ethics of the main character. One could argue that it is, therefore, even more empowering – all the relevant characters are women.