3 Women Led Businesses – Industry Leaders

3 Women Led Businesses – Industry Leaders

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But, not everything is supposed to be entertainment and leisure. Business is important, and so is work. Some of the world’s largest and most influential businesses are led by women. Women leading large companies has been a common occurrence in the past 30 or more years. Here are the world’s largest businesses and the women leading them.

Lisa Su – CEO of AMD

Advanced Micro Devices is a well known manufacturer of graphics cards, accelerators, but primarily, x86 processors. Them and Intel are the two competing x86 manufacturers, the only ones in the world. Prior to Lisa Su being promoted to the position of CEO in 2014, AMD was struggling on multiple fronts. They were always a step behind and in the case of processors, three steps behind.

In early 2017, under Su leadership, AMD released their ZEN microarchitecture, which enabled the company to get a lot of revenue and completely revolutionize desktop and enthusiast processors. Today, AMD is competing on multiple fronts, neck to neck with both Intel and Nvidia, all due to the leadership of Lisa Su. 

Part of that success is attributed to Su’s history as an engineer, with a long history of working for companies like Texas Instruments and IBM, both large semiconductor manufacturers.

Safra Catz – CEO of Oracle

Oracle is another corporation which you may have heard of. Their main product, Java, powers a lot of the world’s devices, from mobile phone applications, to embedded solutions and small machines which have a single purpose. She joined Oracle in 1999, and had gradual progression until reaching the position of CEO in 2014. She shared the position with Mark Hurd until 2019, and then became the sole CEO. 

She oversaw multiple large projects, namely acquisitions of competitor businesses and other companies which would end up benefiting Oracle.

Mary Barra – General Motors

Few companies are as large as General Motors and cover so much in the automotive industry. General Motors was a home to Mary Barra since she was very young, in fact, she got her bachelor’s degree at the General Motors Institute. She also started working for the company at the age of 18, in 1980. She started as someone who inspected fenders and gradually rose through the ranks, to become the first woman to be a CEO of an automotive company, in 2014. 

An interesting fact is that her father used to work in a Pontiac factory in Detroit, and he was one of the main reasons why she decided to work in the automotive industry. General Motors had a history of ups and downs, but it is safe to say that they are on an upwards trajectory since 2014.


Women have been leading large companies for a while now and these three companies are currently led by exceptional women.