London Girl Geek Dinners was the very first Girl Geek Dinner group to start out and it was here in London in the UK at the Texas Embassy that the journey started.  The first event was held on the 16th August 2005 with only 35 people attending.  The event was and still are only advertised online and this was before social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter had really taken hold.

The original founder of the London Girl Geek Dinners and Girl Geek Dinners concept was Sarah Blow and she ran the events in London up until August 2009 where she handed over the events to the team that run them today.  The reason for the handover was due to the increasing demand for Girl Geek Dinners globally and this needed central co-ordination.  Sarah, not being based in London decided it was about time to hand over the events to the Londoners!

From here the events have gone from strength to strength with close to 1000 members and some amazing sponsors who have provided great venues and fantastic support!  The focus of the events is about uniting, supporting, learning and having fun as a female in the technology industry.

All our events are run as not for profit and any funds left over are ploughed back into the group to provide the website, labels etc and sponsorship covers the cost of food and drinks as well as the venue hire where applicable.  We are always happy to hear from potential new sponsors and you can contact us through our contact page.