Important Lessons of Empowerment That We Can Learn From Rails Girls Workshops

Important Lessons of Empowerment That We Can Learn From Rails Girls Workshops

There are a lot of notebook examples of user incentive programs out there, such as discount codes or free month memberships. These methods were tried and tested and generally, they work, however they are not perfect. The mentioned incentives are there to ensure the loyalty of the current user base or to help with user acquisition of a targeted profile. In other words, these incentives do little for the untapped market of the user base as they do not bring your product or server closer to people who might be interested but don’t know it yet. This brings us to the main topic and that is Rails Girls Workshop. Here we will explain what these workshops are all about, and why we need more of these incentives.   

About Rails Girls Workshop (RGW)

RGW is a program for women who wish to learn how to code. The idea is to allow women to realize their own ideas from concept to code, but the workshops are not limited to women. In other words, anyone who wants to learn Ruby is welcome, but the aim is to empower women, considering how the world of coding mainly consists of the male population. The reason why it’s called Rails Girls is that Rails is used as a framework and the full name for the application is Ruby on Rails.

Why Ruby on Rails? 

Although Ruby is not the best programming language out there, or the most sought after language, it still ranks among the top 10. Furthermore, it has a large and active community along with a big library of open source code. So, it has a decently high utility, and it is still relevant. Some of the most famous websites like Hulu, Airbnb, and GitHub are fueled by Ruby, which only goes to show how reliable it is. Furthermore, it is not going to be abandoned any time soon, as it still receives updates that help it in terms of security, speed, and user-friendliness. 

These are all awesome things to know if you are just getting into the world of coding, as it can give you a confidence boost and you can use it to segue into another programming language. 

How it’s done

The philosophy is very similar to the one in “teach a man how to fish” proverb. These workshops include very patient and friendly mentors, who will teach you from the ground up. Even if you never coded or built an app in your life, by the end of the course you will know how to create your first web application. But it doesn’t stop there, as course attendants are empowered to create their own workshop. Basically, you learn how to code, but you also learn how to teach coding.  

There are numerous benefits to this. First, you get more brand exposure. Second, the platform you are using is getting more users, making it more relevant, and leaning towards an industry standard. Third, by doing all of these things you ensure your newly acquired knowledge stays relevant for a longer period of time.