Top 5 Sports Bars in London

Top 5 Sports Bars in London

Betting alone at home is not as entertaining as going to a sports bar to watch the game live and make your bets. While some bars and pubs in London do offer betting options or are close to a betting shop to place your wages in person, most of them are only equipped with big flat screen TVs for customers to watch the game.

Either way, this is not a problem because you can bet online wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection, and thank goodness, all pubs have free WiFi for clients. If you don’t know what online bookmaker to choose, taking a look at this Ladbrokes Sports Review is a good place to start.

Famous Three Kings

Located at 171-173 North End Road W14, this place is quite interesting from the point of view of a sports fan. They have 13 big plasma screens plus 2 3D TVs where you can watch up to 14 different games at the same time. Considering they give you access to literally more than 71,000 channels, finding your game should not be a problem. There are 6 audio zones so you can listen to one of 6 games.

As for food, customers love their pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. Wash them down with beer, shots and cocktails to spice things up, but don’t do that before you place your bet. Keep a clear head and leave the partying for the winner’s celebration, or the loser’s consolation.

Riley’s Sports Bar

This bar is located at 80 Haymarket, SW1Y and has 30 big screens that cover local and international games. This is everything a sports bar should be. You can play table tennis or pool to stay entertained during break times. At Riley’s Sports Bar, you will eat delicious snacks like potato skins but also burgers, racks of ribs and pulled pork wraps. Make sure to check the chicken wings, the hot dogs and the pizzas too. The food alone is a good enough reason to frequent this bar often, even if you’re not interested in any particular games.

Carlsberg Sports Bar

Believe or not, Carlsberg do have sports bars and it’s only logical considering beer goes hand in hand with sports. The bar is located in Leicester Square’s Empire Casino thus combining casual gambling with live sports TV, and of course great food and beer. You should know that the place is full during major sporting events like Champions League games or World Cups, so make sure to book a table in advance.

A big plus is that it’s open 24 hours a day, so if you are self-employed you can hit the bar any time you like. Still, if you’re unemployed, it’s probably not a good idea to spend your days gambling and watching football on TV. Besides, you won’t be able to afford the Central London prices anyway.

Bar Kick

Having a Spanish/Portuguese theme, this bar was opened in 2001 on the site of an old shoe shop in Shoreditch. It has plenty of Bonzini football tables plus the huge screen TVs to watch live football.

Clapham Grand

This venue is actually divided in 5 bars with a huge 24ft. widescreen plus 2 8×6 ft. HD screens and 6×50 inch plasma TV. Their main focus is set on football and rugby, so if you are looking for other sports, chances are pretty low you will find them here. There are hot dog machines, popcorn and a big pie warmer, to go with refreshing drinks. They boast on having the biggest flashing dance floor in the entire country.