Swimsuit Sexism at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference

Swimsuit Sexism at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference

If you go to an event which is supposed to be a conference about gambling, often called gaming to decrease the severity of the meaning and not associate it with potential issues, you do not expect to see girls in swimsuits all around, promoting the content, while the visitors get to stay in suits and some of them even fondle the said girls, when taking photos with them.

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News travels fast, so the word about the incidents and people’s thoughts on it spread really quickly. Most would agree that using sexuality and seduction as a way to promote gambling is more than just inappropriate. Here is what happened at the ICE conference in London.

Promoters with Almost No Clothes

At the ICE conference in London in 2018, girls whose bodies were clearly visible, some wearing nothing other than a swimsuit, were walking around, working as promoters. The experiences they had were really bad. Men would come to them and ask them how much is their hourly rate, implying prostitution. Others would take photos with them and use that time to feel their bodies out, forcefully, of course. The women said that you just had to deal with things like that, always ready to no, in a particularly convincing way.

Most of the promoters compared the attitude with what takes place at the Presidents Club diner bash. This event is implied to have stars and politicians who force themselves onto girls.

Why are scantily dressed promoters bad? Because they promote sexism and often take the focus away from the other businesswomen which are present and dressed appropriately. If you have watched any Fast and Furious title, then you should know what a grid girl is. Formula One stopped using them. Likewise, the Professional Darts Corporation stopped its tradition of having a girl walk up with a male competitor. The world of gambling should follow if they want to be taken a bit more seriously, or if they want to keep having people visit their conventions.

The Other Side of the Coin

People addressing these sexist issues regarding women often fail to mention that there is a fair number of men dressed in what could be called a Tarzan outfit or another appropriately chosen theme which complements the clothes of the women. Their dancing and clothes are every bit as provoking as that of the women. It is also worth noting that plenty of promotional agencies which offer work to women are also run by women.

These facts only serve to prove that there is an underlying issue with the society itself, which was built on the usage of sexual content to promote various activities, a remnant of the previous world if you will. It is an issue that has to be tackled and dismantled gradually. The change will come, but it requires action and time and stories like this one will only serve to promote change.