Most Powerful Women in the World

Most Powerful Women in the World

Some people might think that just because you are a girl, doesn’t mean that you can do certain jobs. Jobs such as politics, top businesses and even technology are examples of such that many think only men are able to do. Of course, you mainly see men doing these, but that does not mean women do not do them too. In fact, every single day women apply to these on a regular and daily basis. More than before have they started and it’s not about to stop. It doesn’t matter if you have habits or not either, everyone has them. Occasionally you will hear about even the most professional person found gambling. No doubt they could be using Unibet Promo Code which would explain why they have so much money! Who knows, maybe you’re not the only one who really enjoys this habit, maybe some of the most powerful women in the world do too and people just don’t know about it.

Queen Elizabeth II

Recently, Queen Elizabeth II has been recognized as the monarch who is in power the longest throughout a number of years. Not only is she world-wide recognized, but she is also the oldest monarch ever recorded throughout history. Loved by many and very popular, she resides in the UK where she rules since 1952. Not only has she been the leader for a big number of years, but the people love her also, and that in itself is a great thing. It is believed that she owned around 340 million Euros back in 2015, even though it cannot be proved and is only an estimated guess. Who knows how much that might have grown since then? No one really knows for sure if that is the correct answer. However, among many of the people, she is one of the wealthiest.

Melinda Gates

Excelling in Philanthropy, she is well known throughout the world. She is married to Bill Gates, and is also a big part of their foundation. She also tries to focus on the better well-being of all expectant mothers in Ethiopia who need to get to a health facility. She’s made it all possible by her efforts through the foundation she works in. She is an ex-Microsoft employee as well. A little fun fact about the house that they live in is that they own very hi-tech screens throughout the home. With a touch of a button, you can change them to anything that you like. They love technology and their house is surely a huge part of their passion filled with the things that they love the most.

Sheryl Sandberg

If you really love to browse through Facebook and see what your friends are up to, check the latest news, play games with your friends, etc. then you should really be thanking this lady. She is the COO of Facebook and is really helping out the website by making the revenues on there skyrocket. She is also an author and has even been the vice president of Google for around 6 years. She also supports women’s rights and makes it very clear that she does by creating her nonprofit organization. As of today, she is pretty successful in her wealth as well, reaching a net worth of around $1.61 billion US dollars.