Million-dollar sport ladies – who are they?

Million-dollar sport ladies – who are they?

When it comes to most paid athletes, the sports which come first to one’s mind are football, golf, or NBA basketball league. The other thing which comes to one’s mind is that the most paid athletes are predominantly male.  However, there are several female athletes which are pretty successful in their field of practice, and therefore, they are nicely paid for the work they do. Here come the ladies which have the highest income for their professional approach to sport, as well as for their sponsorship deals and activism. 

Naomi Osaka – A tennis player – $55.2 million

Naomi Osaka comes from Japan and no one believed at first she has been prepared enough to kick Serena Williams out of the throne at the tennis court. She was a big surprise for sports enthusiasts who watched US Open Finals 2018, which was very popular for people to bet on, especially online with the Rizk Bonus Code. Serena’s tears at the US Open Finals 2018 were strong proof that Osaka took the lead at female tennis, or at least that the new era has come for other female players. Naomi isn’t the first on the WTA list today, yet she earns money both from the tournaments and endorsements, as keeping the deal with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Strathberry.

Secretaría de Deportes, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Serena Williams – A tennis player – $35.5 million

Serena Williams has won 72 tennis trophies, 23 of which are from Grand Slam tournaments. Along with the trophies, she also earned a lot of money from these tournaments, the amount of which puts her at the very top of this list. Apart from being the second female athlete to earn the most money, Serena has been described as the physically strongest female tennis player of all time. That is why the tennis world was shocked when Osaka demonstrated her dominance over Williams.

Simone Biles – A gymnast – $6 million

Simone Biles can be proud of her Olympic and World Championship medals, a total of which is 32. All of these medals brought her a fair amount of money and put her in third place on the list. Apart from the official prizes at the Olympics and other championships, Biles has signed a deal with sponsors such as Octagon Sports and Nike. Her name can be also seen on the clothes made by GK Elite Sportswear, while Spieth America motivated her to create her first line of sports equipment. Her other sponsorships excluding sports items are United Airlines, The Hershey Company, and Proctor and Gamble.

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Jin Young Ko – a golf player – $ 5.6 million

Jin Young Ko comes from South Korea and her main sponsor is Rolex Company. Since golf represents one of the sports with the highest investments, Jin has definitely made the right decision to dedicate her time, energy, and hard work to something which has paid off. When she turned 22, she had already won the LPGA of Korea Tour 10 times. In 2019, she became LPGA player of the year.

Garbine Muguruza – a tennis player – 4.5 million

Muguruza is a Spanish tennis player, and she has been known for being the only player who has defeated both Williams’ sisters at Grand Slams’ finals. Her sponsors include companies like Rolex, Adidas, Beats, Cesar Insurance and Babolat. Moreover, she is known for charity work and supports Room to Read, an organization with a goal to increase literacy among children.